Taylor-Rae Poznikoff

Creative Director, Voice

Taylor-Rae is what the music industry calls a “triple threat” talent. A vocalist, instrumentalist and songwriter, she can best be recognized for her soaring range and flawless vocal control. From Pop/R&B to Country music, Taylor-Rae finds inspiration from artists like Beyonce, Carrie Underwood and Martina McBride. A graduate of Capilano University’s Arts and Entertainment Management Program, Taylor-Rae also has a solo album under her belt.

Taylor-Rae believes in customizing her lessons to suit the needs of each of her clients in order to provide a strong foundation for them to reach their musical goals. Her extreme versatility allows her to provide professional guidance in several genres with a broad range of industry level techniques.

Taylor-Rae currently offers the following services online and at our Vancouver and Tsawwassen locations:

  • Vocal coaching
  • Songwriting
  • Stage coaching