Premier Vocal Coaching

Professional Vocal Coaching in all contemporary genres for live performance and/or in studio recording.


Songwriting and arrangement development focusing on mainstream song structure and melodic/lyrical hooks.


Voiceover training for commercials, radio, animation, documentary narration, storytelling, cartoons, and industrial narration.


One-on-one acting coaching for auditions, commercial bookings, and theatre.

Instrument Lessons

Piano, guitar, or ukulele lessons specializing in accompaniment and chording, RCM, or custom programs.

Media Coaching

Media training for live, televised, radio or print interviews. On-camera or off-camera interview techniques.

Stage Coaching

Stage Coaching, which includes proper microphone technique, stage blocking and choreography for live concert performance and/or television appearances.


Certified theory instruction for Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) and practical contemporary or Jazz theory for instrumentalists.

Online Lessons

Certain lessons can be offered online via Skype for those out of town or on a tight schedule. Please contact us to find out more.

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