Ryan Buckingham

Creative Director, Drums

Ryan Buckingham

Ryan has been playing drums and composing music for 15 years. He teaches all genres of music, with a specialty in Extreme Drumming with a variety of techniques that students use to achieve modern Extreme Drumming standards in speed and power, including 300+ BPM single-stroke and double-stroke methodology.

Ryan believes that the most engaging way to learn an instrument is to play along with the music you love. Whether it’s the beat to your all-time favorite song, or the big drum fill that starts that new album you’ve been obsessing over – his lessons are structured first and foremost around the songs YOU would like to hear and play! You will work together to craft your unique drumming identity, inspired by the music you enjoy most.

All ages and levels of experience are welcome, whether Day 1 or Year 20, he am confident you will leave our sessions with a new skill or idea to push your drumming to the next level.

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