Premier Talent Development

Studio Cloud 30 is an exclusive, for-artists, by-artists music and talent development hub with a fresh new face, where instructors in residence offer high caliber, comprehensive vocal coaching, music lessons and practical support for upcoming performers in a diverse range of styles.

Founded by R&B/Soul Recording Artist Warren Dean Flandez, Studio Cloud 30 was created as a vehicle for novice, hobbyists and professional musicians and performers of all ages to develop their talents in an environment that offers the highest standard of current and relevant industry training.

Having worked with some of the industry’s finest, Warren’s vision was to create a full service, open concept facility that catered to all talent levels and bridged the gap between music schools and major label development.

With locations in the heart of Vancouver’s beautiful Fairview Slopes and picturesque Tsawwassen, Studio Cloud 30 hosts top tier, industry active instructors ready to share their expertise with you. Current services include premier voice lessons, songwriting, guitar, piano, drums, and more. The studio also provides exclusive performance opportunities, assistance with grant applications, recording, and the chance to network with established artists.

Whether you are looking to explore your musical side, reignite your passion for the arts, or jump-start your career, Studio Cloud 30 has everything you need to begin your journey.