Patryk Widejko


Patryk Widejko {‘vee-day-co} is a Fashion, Advertising & Celebrity photographer based out of Vancouver, Canada. Through the years Patryk has built a strong Information Technology background and a great interest in Fashion and Fashion Design.

His passion for technology and computers drew him to start his hobbyist camera work in his teenage years. In 2008 he started pursuing fashion again by working with industry talent, and soon started his own Fashion Photography brand in 2010.

Patryk now continues his event work with Dior Canada and has been shooting regular campaigns for the world renowned Blanche Macdonald Centre. He also has a great passion for teaching and speaks regularly to students at schools and hosts sessions for starting photographers.

Patryk is a top choice for his particular European flare and style of editing. Patryk offers professional photoshoots and video filming for Studio Cloud 30 clients.